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July 2014

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International Loli Day in Moscow

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Оригинал взят у agewa в International Loli Day in Moscow
For the International Loli Day we had a picnic in the apple orchard of Kolomenskoye estate museum.
It's a very beautiful place, traditional for Moscow Lolis' picnics. Usually, though, we hold them later in the summer... but the weather was just too good! Also, early summer means another pro - no chance of a stray apple hitting your head, haha.

 photo dc8f3e2c-ea2e-496d-b52c-5010e16aab93_zps0a0e5b2f.jpg

I actually didn't know the majority of girls who came to the picnic, sorry! So names only for my friends :)

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Lovellochka and her boyfriend Splendora
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Hide and Yoshiki

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DSC_9189_новый размер

Oh hi there! That's me :)

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Chacha <3

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...and Lieschen_R <3

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aaaaaaand, that's all!

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all photos by the most amazing JustMoolti <3